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Expanding the capabilities at Aros Group Ltd flagship machining facility is always something that is focused on where necessary. The addition of a Mazak QT-200MSY - 3-Axis Twin Spindle Lathe with Bar Feed and Rotary Parts Catcher was on the order sheet to expand on the already extensive range of machinery and capabilities already in house.

Delivery days are always exciting, but more so when the added values of automation, speed and accuracy can be brought to the forefront of productivity and this is where the Mazak QT-200MSY comes in to play.

Benefits of alleviating the repetitiveness of loading and unloading manually means that whilst production can be observed and maintained on the QT-200MSY, staff can also work in unison with other tasks or simultaneously having the ability of attending to several machines.

The trust in investing in high quality machinery and tooling, gives Aros Group Ltd peace of mind that unequivocally quality and reliability run hand in hand, keeping productivity high, and potential losses to a minimum. Passing on these benefits throughout the business, and to clientele in the delivery of excellence services, costing, and quality.


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