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Monday the 20th November 2023 saw the official on-line launch of the cosmetics industries latest brand Blushka, who bring to market premium yet innovative new products.

To celebrate this milestone in true Aros Group Ltd style, both the Aros Group Ltd and the Blushka staff, along with investors ended the day successfully. Having completed the first sales to be mailed out to customers, they all thanked each other for their continued hard work throughout this project, whilst enjoying a slice of scrumptious cake and a drink.

The Aros Group Ltd team have spent a considerable length of time and expertise in refining the design and development of these products, taking what was essentially an idea to an unbelievably beautiful range of tools and accessories, a task which the whole team has played a part in.

From the initial concept designs, through the development and testing. Extensive Branding and Marketing assets from CAD models, to Renderings and Animation, Product photography, and a website platform implementing all of the essential add-ons and plugins required for a seamless customer experience. all ready to adorn the brand in any way. The Aros Group Ltd designers faithfully curated complimentary packaging designs, utilising the expertise of their existing suppliers to deliver to exacting specifications for a total premium look and feel.

The Aros Group Ltd team remain on hand to provide further assistance where needed in the initial growth of the brand and wish Blushka every success for the future.

For more information regarding this collaboration, then this Blushka Blog gives a more in-depth look.


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