Aros Group Ltd was born from a deep-rooted passion within the automotive sectors. Whilst a relatively young company, the combined experience of its Directors and staff allows us to offer an exceptionally unique and dedicated service to all customers.


Focusing primarily on private-labeled products and with innovation and creativity at the forefront of everything we do, Aros consistently delivers beautifully designed products, packaging and stunning turn-key marketing assets that assist our clients in leading the way in their respective sectors.


Our speed of response to customer demand has always taken a priority, as has the range of services we offer; from concept sketches, CAD models and 3D prints, through to a diverse range of manufacturing options. These include anything from machined aluminium components to exhausts, brake upgrades and alloy wheels. 

We also offer a wide range of supporting marketing material, from enterprise e-commerce websites to digital and print design, product photography and videography; Aros is a truly unique "one-stop-shop" for all our customer's needs, allowing them to spend more time on selling product, building their brand and generally, running their business.


Furthermore, we constantly fund ongoing investment in order to grow our range of services and gain new technology. This ensures our customers receive an incredible return on their investment, whilst also ensuring we remain at the forefront of supply to the automotive aftermarket performance sector.


Today more than ever before, the intensity of competition in this marketplace means that any successful supplier must be able to demonstrate a clear advantage, or USP. Ours is that we're a small, but exceptionally talented team of designers, engineers and marketing professionals with an incredible network of manufacturers and industry contacts spanning three decades. 

All of whom are prepared to go that extra mile to ensure we are faster and more professional than our competition.


Located in the heart of the UK, Aros Group operates from a 9000-square foot facility in Leicestershire that houses the Design, CAD, Engineering and Marketing teams. The fully-equipped workshop boasts three vehicle lifts / development bays to allow multiple concurrent vehicle product development projects to be carried out in-house at any one time, a component assembly bay, goods in / out and a designated area equipped with the latest 3D printer technology.




"From concept through to production why settle for average in a world where anything is possible? With significant advances in design software and additive manufacturing, Aros pushes the boundaries in it's strive for perfection, ensuring our customers receive unique, innovative and industry leading products"




AROS Group prides itself on offering a level of detail and an eye for both product and packaging design that few, if any others can compare within the automotive aftermarket, backed up with an in-house development process that allows us to oversee the workflow from start to finish.

Our talented team can produce detailed sketches quickly that help the customer and the designers visualise the end product, meaning we can incorporate changes or manipulate the aesthetics, form and function in the shortest possible time, all before being converted into CAD.

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With a brief firmly set in place, it's on to the creative step of concept sketches and design ideas. It's at this stage where we look to present the customer with a range of ideas and options reflective of the initial product brief. 

We still like to utilise traditional skills and methods when presenting our ideas, that's why we have talented designers who create beautiful and detailed drawings on paper before later transposing them into a digital format. 

With a chosen design and fit / function decided upon it's onto the next step, CAD.  



AdobeStock_292341232 (1).jpg

Before any idea comes to life it's important the end goal is recognised, understood and ultimately achieved. Careful consideration to the target audience, price point, function, aesthetics and timescales are all discussed and recorded in a brief which allows our design team to achieve customer expectations.

Typically our lead designer, CAD engineer and Operations manager would be present to guide clients through this process, assisting with recommendations on overall function and design, manufacturing limitations and costs, packaging options and whether any marketing content may be required. 

3. CAD

Watch your chosen design come to life as our team of dedicated CAD engineers create models and produce manufacturing drawings suitable for production in line with recognised engineering standards. 

From CAD models we can go on to create simulations, photo-realistic renders, evaluate strength and weights, create bill of material sheets and also utilise individual files for use in additive manufacturing techniques. 




Whilst conventional manufacturing techniques are capable of producing a great range of shapes and designs, they are less effective when single or low volume samples are required (as opposed to production runs). Additive manufacturing, or predominantly 3D printing is key to dramatically reducing timescales before any product can reach its intended market. Typically products can be printed within 5-48 hours which means they can be utilised to test fitment, design and in many cases actual intended purpose within just a few days, saving both time and money. 


Typically parts and components produced on our 3D Printers offer a significant cost saving when compared to traditional manufacturing methods, in addition we even use our printers to produce tooling and jigs for bulk production runs. 



DSC_0264 copy.jpg

Aros Group boasts an extensive manufacturing network that’s been built upon trust during the past decade with a clear understanding of our specific requirements – namely repeatable quality and cost.


This network allows us to produce products for a wide variety of applications and in various materials, from machined billet aluminium to castings, silicone to carbon fibre with a capacity to cope with small to high volume.


Whilst the material process may vary, our philosophy and ethos remain consistent; high quality, low cost and all from a single source that you can rely on.


A brief overview of the categories which we can cater for:


• Brake kits and components.

• Forged and flow-formed alloy wheels.

• Machined parts

• Cast parts

• Hose fittings and assemblies

• Exhaust components and systems

• Fabricated and folded parts

• Silicone Hoses

• Carbon Fibre components and accessories.


We also offer a wide variety of treatments and finishes depending on materials such as:


• Media blasting

• Zinc-Nickel, Chrome and Galvanize plating

• Powdercoating

• Wet Spray

• Blackening

• Polishing

• Anodising

• Ceramic Coating

• Laser Etching (primarily for branding on various finished surfaces)


To discover more about how Aros may be able to assist with your manufacturing requirements please contact us.



Supporting our customers to get the best possible market awareness and ultimately, to sell more, is also a key part of our portfolio of services. 

With more than 15-years of automotive, OEM and aftermarket marketing and branding experience, Aros Group are well placed to support the design and development process fully, maximising our customer's ROI through various mediums and channels.

From digital and print design, advertising campaigns, ecommerce / branded websites, right through to product photography, packaging and videography, we have the necessary skills, experience and access to the latest technology to create dynamic content to help support your products and brand's goals.


Aros Group are also the exclusive EU / USA distributor of Nashin high-performance braking solutions, offering some of the best fast-road and competition big brake upgrades for the leading hot-hatch and high-performance vehicles available today. In addition, we are able to design and package a big brake solution for you under our private label program, so please contact us for more information, or visit the Nashin brake website to browse the current product offering.

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